Williams College

Williams College believes in undergraduates. Students, scientists, artists, and scholars come here from around the world and make Williams a cosmopolitan epicenter, a creative incubator, a global stage, and a launch pad for impact that reaches far beyond campus. Located in a picturesque rural valley community in western Massachusetts surround by vistas of the Berkshire mountain range the campus is well known for its beauty and access to outdoor activities. 

Williams has an enrollment of 2,200 students that represent 95 citizenships and 46 U.S. states. Our international student population represents 9% of the total student body.

We currently have a limited number of European students and more specifically only one student from Poland, however our goal is to actively grow interest and enrollment in that region of the world.

A renowned liberal arts and science college, Williams offers academic programs across 64 areas of study. We are one of a few U.S colleges that offers Oxford style tutorial courses and out of our more that 700 courses, 10% are tutorials. Williams is well known for our research opportunities and is the leader amongst the liberal arts in National Science Foundation research grants. 

Williams has one of the most generous financial aid programs for international students in the United States, meeting 100 percent of the demonstrated need of every student, every year. 60% of our international students are receiving financial aid with an average aid award of $67,650. The cost of attendance currently is $74,660. 

Williams’ breadth and depth of students’ experiences—intellectual and experiential, theoretical and practical, local and global—that positions Williams graduates to thrive and lead in fields as diverse and evolving as they are themselves.

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