Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University offers an intimate college environment in the heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States: Houston, Texas. The beautiful 100-acre campus is located just minutes from the city’s thriving downtown district, and the opportunities for jobs, internships and fun surround it. HBU strives to not only develop each student academically, but spiritually, physically, and relationally as well. With an average class size of 25, the more than 3,000 students of HBU get the personal attention they want and need. Some of our famous alumni are Colin Montgomerie, Cynthia Clawson, Ron Stone, Elliot Segal, Lawren Pope, Rick Scarborough, and Van G. Garrett among many others. The curriculum includes many undergraduate and graduate programs. A strong portfolio of scholarships awarded based on merit, talent, leadership, and athletics make HBU an attainable choice among private colleges and universities. The reported HBU net price for in-state students is $20,436. We are rated as one of the top 5 Texas collages according to Academic Influence in 2021. 

HBU is fulfilling its responsibility for the renewal of Christian higher education through a vision organized around Ten Pillars:

Pillar One: Build on the Classics

Pillar Two: Recruit for National Influence

Pillar Three: Embrace the Challenge of Christian Graduate Education

Pillar Four: Establish a Residential Society of Learning

Pillar Five: Increase our Cultural Impact through our Faculty

Pillar Six: Renew our Campus, Renew our Community

Pillar Seven: Bring Athens and Jerusalem Together

Pillar Eight: Expand our Commitment to the Creative Arts: Visual, Musical, and Literary

Pillar Nine: Cultivate a Strong Global Focus

Pillar Ten: Move to the Next Level as an Institution

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